Coaching Programs

Whether your goal is to get a promotion, change your environment or change aspects of yourself, a program can be a way of going through the motions using a tried and tested framework and help to put pieces of the puzzle together to see the bigger picture.

Programmes provide frequent follow-ups and accountability for the client to measure success in moving towards the goal as well rewarding feedback and noticeable results along the way.

Things to consider before joining any coaching programmes

Are you committed to making the change or achieving the goal you’ve been thinking about?

If your excuses are bigger than your reasons for doing the program, there’s going to be risk of not fully committing the time and energy into making any changes happen. This is something to explore in the consultation phase and always have a night to sleep on it after the discussion. You’ll know if it’s not a ‘hell yes!’, it’s a no.

Does the programme provide support?

There are going to be some days when change can be mentally, emotionally or physically tough. Does the programme provide a positive and uplifting environment, motivation or tools to get through those times?

Have you looked around at the options of programmes available?

Having a consultation with 3 different coaches or mentors is a good way to find out the varied types of coaching frameworks and how they are applied uniquely by each coach. The relationship between the coach and client is a vital part of the process. If it doesn’t feel right, do not feel obliged.

Considering online, one-to-one or group coaching programmes?

With online programmes, there are platforms that provide online tools with logins. Others based on Facebook and some purely on apps. If you’ring a supportive coaching community that you can access at a time that suits an interchangeable schedule, these programmes are great ways of dipping in and when not under any time pressure for change.

One-to-one coaching programmes will hold more accountability and structure for the client. These may cost more, but it helps to measure the costs, against a time frame to work on if it adds value to your needs and requirements.

Group coaching programmes are popular in the fitness, executive and addiction therapies as the community tends to provide uplifting and social support without the intensity of focus provided with a one-to-one programme.

Photo by J. Kelly Brito from Pexels

Lastly, any programme should provide the opportunity to save notes, track progress and record what works. As part of personal development, it’s always good to see how far we’ve come and have our toolkit there if it’s ever needed again in the future.